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  1. Are mouth guards required?
  1. Yes, mouth guards are required for all children playing PCSC soccer at both practices and games.  PCSC will supply a mouthgard for all PCSC players but if you choose to purchase your own, please purchase a colored (non-clear) mouthgard.


  1. My child’s uniform still fits from last year; can he/she still wear it for this season's games? Does my child have to wear their full uniform to the game?
  1. Yes, all PCSC players must wear the current uniform to all games.  If your child's uniform no longer fits, you must purchase new pieces when you register for the season. We place a uniform order one time prior to the start of the season, and are unable to obtain additional uniform pieces after this date. Please plan ahead. If your child chooses to wear clothing under their uniform it must match the color of the uniform. A child must also wear shin guards and cleats to all games.


  1. What size ball should my child be using for practice?
  1. U9 – U12 players use a size 4 ball, U13 – U14 players use a size 5 ball. 


  1. Can my child wear jewelry during the game/practice?
  1. US Soccer Federation, "Laws of the Game", Law 4 states that NO jewelry may be worn.   This includes no necklaces, bracelets, earrings, barrettes, etc.  The exception to the rule is Medical Alert bracelets/necklaces (which must be taped down). 


  1. How much time will my child play in the game?  Does it depend on age or skill?
  1. Yes – it will vary by age and later, by age and skill.  In the spirit of developing each and every player within the PCSC the following standards regarding regular season playing time shall be applied:
  • U-9 and U-10:  all players shall receive as close to equal playing time as possible;
  • U-11 and U-12:  over the course of the regular season, each player shall, on average, participate in on-field play in no less than 25% of the team’s applicable playing time;
  • U-13 and U-14:  over the course of the regular season, each player shall, on average, participate in on-field play in no less than 10% of the team’s applicable playing time;


There is no guaranteed playing time for tournament or playoff games.  Playing time may be limited at the discretion of the coach if behavioral or other club/team policies are not adhered to.


  1. When will we know the practice schedule for the teams?
  1. We are dependent on the City of Portsmouth to release field availability to finalize practice schedules.  We receive the coaches’ preferences in June, but we do not receive final field availability from the City until August.  We finalize the practice schedule as quickly as possible after that.   We understand that this makes scheduling other activities difficult, but we do not control the timing and appreciate your patience and flexibility.
  1. What should my child bring to practice?
  1. Your child should wear shin guards and cleats, and bring water and a soccer ball to practice.  Weather dependent – they may need sunscreen and/or bug repellant. 
  1. What is the policy for practices and games during inclement or excessively hot weather?
  1. Practices are held in all weather conditions unless you are notified otherwise from your child’s coach.  Please send your child prepared for the conditions (well hydrated during the hotter weeks, and layered during the cooler weeks etc) and rely on the coaches to adapt practices responsibly).

  1. My child has a ‘late’ birthday and is going into 3rd grade this year, but doesn’t turn 8 until September.  Can he/she still play for PCSC this year?
  1. Yes – your child is eligible to play for PCSC. 
  1. My child is ‘old’ for their grade and would like to play with his friends.  Can he play with his grade peers instead of his age peers?  (I.e. child turns 10 in June 2015 but is in 4th grade, while most of his age peers are in 5th grade)
  1. No – league rules dictate that a child can play ‘up’ meaning they can play with kids who are older than them, but not ‘down’ meaning they can’t play with children who are a year younger, even if they are in the same grade.  Your child must play with his ‘age’ peers.

  1. Why are tryouts held in May when the season doesn’t start until August and there are so many spring activities taking place?
  1. We hold tryouts in May for many reasons, including but not limited to:
  • The number of conflicts increases in June with graduations etc.
  • Families disburse in the summer for vacations etc.
  • We have league requirements we need to meet to register the teams by a certain date
  • At some age brackets, there will be kids who will not make the team, and we want them to have as much notice as possible so they can pursue another activity if they choose
  1. Why are there 2 tryouts for some age brackets?
  1. At any age bracket where cuts are being made, we offer 2 tryout times.  This allows kids who have a conflict during one of the timeslots to still attend a tryout, and also allows kids two opportunities to display their skills.  Sometimes someone has an "off" day and a second tryout gives them a chance to better demonstrate their skills.
  1. What if my child cannot attend the tryouts?
  1. If your child cannot attend tryouts you need to contact the club president and the coach of that team. If possible, special arrangements will be made.
  1. My son/daughter is signed up to play U9 this year.  I’m told there will not be cuts at this age so why does he/she still have to tryout?
  1. The younger brackets are divided into equal teams.  We hold tryouts to assess the players’ skills and divide the teams evenly.
  1. My child is registered to play U11 this year, which I understand is not considered competitive yet, but there are cuts.  Why?
  1. First and foremost, PCSC is a competitive soccer organization.  While we try very hard to not ‘cut’ players at the developmental ages (U9-U11) circumstances will vary year to year  (number of players, number of available qualified coaches, field space etc) that may dictate otherwise. 
  1. If my child gets cut from PCSC what other options do they have to play soccer?
  1. Children in brackets U11 and up have the option of playing for their school (either 5th grade soccer or Middle School).  Your child always has the option of trying out for a team at Seacoast United or getting on an indoor team there as well.

  1. How will we be notified if a game is cancelled?
  1. You will be contacted by your child’s coach or team parent representative
  1. Who determines whether a game is cancelled for weather?
  1. The home team’s field coordinator makes the determination. A referee may also cancel a game at or during a game depending on conditions.
  1. Will cancelled games be rescheduled?
  1. We make every effort to reschedule cancelled games but it is dependent on field and date availability for both teams.

  1. If I sign up my child to play PCSC soccer and then he/she changes his/her mind, can I get a refund ?
  1. Once your child has been placed on a PCSC team, no refund of the registration fee will be given. If you have purchased either a new uniform or a replacment uniform piece, and you notify us of your intent not to play before the uniform order is placed, a refund for the uniform cost only will be refunded to you. Please note--you must inform us prior to the uniform order being placed. Once the order is placed with our supplier, no refund will be granted.
  1. What about the tryout/evaluation fee?
  1. This mandatory fee is non-refundable.