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Welcome to PCSC: Fall 2016 Season

Hello PCSC parents and players:

We hope you have enjoyed your summer.  Team practices will soon commence and you should have heard from your coaches by now.   It is exciting to have the kids playing together again!

Regarding player/parent behavior expectations as the season nears:  Please review this carefully as it is important that we all promote respectful behavior on and off the field. As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to check the PCSC website, or contact us.

Commitment:  We understand that kids participate in a variety of activities. However as a competitive soccer program, PCSC expects that our teams will take priority over other events. School teams and activities (other than academics) should be secondary. Players are expected to attend all practices and games.

Behavior Policy: All players/parents were required to sign the PCSC Behavior Policy during the registration process. If you are unfamiliar with the policy guidelines, you can review them from the PCSC website. Players who do not adhere to the Behavior Policy rules, may experience reduced playing time, disciplinary action, or removal from a team. 

Player Equipment Requirements:  All players should come to every practice and game with the following pieces of equipment: a properly inflated ball (size 4 for U9-U12, or size 5 for U13-U14), mouth guard, water, cleats, shin-guards and bug spray (extremely important with the emergence of EEE). While many PCSC coaches come to practice with extra balls, it is not their responsibility to provide them for the players.  Players may obtain their own mouth guards if they wish to have a custom or special mouth guard.

Players may only wear official PCSC uniforms to games. During inclement weather, players may wear Under Armour type shirts and leggings under their uniforms. It is a requirement that all undergarments match the color of the team uniform. No items of clothing may be worn over a player's uniform.

Thank you and we look forward to seeing you soon.

PCSC Board of Directors

by posted 08/15/2016
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